Industrial Properties



The first thing potential tenants see is the outside of your property. A manicured lawn is the fist sign of a responsive management, one that takes a personal interest in his /hers industrial parks tenants. Lawn Buster Land Services provides maintenance services that encourage possible tenants to rent space on your site. Studies have shown that maintaining the aesthetics appearance of a property can improve morale, decrease nuisance crime and help preserve and enhance property values. Lawn Buster Land Services will partner with you to develop a comprehensive maintenance plan to accomplish your site management goals and keep you competitive in toady's real estate market. Leave the outside to us so you can focus on other things.  

We take care of all your lawn and shrub care needs. Let us create a customized maintenance program to meet your commercial requirements. We provide ongoing care that keeps your landscape thriving throughout the spring, summer & fall season.


-       Consistent Reliable Service

-       Crisp Clean Street-Scapes

-       Dynamic Floral Displays To Attract and Retain New Tenants

-       Practical Input On Site Improvement Initiatives

-       Awareness Management Including Site Safety Issues