8- Pick up trucks 4x4 with 9.5 feet v. blades

5- Loaders with snow pushers

5- Farm tractors with snow pushers

2- Skid steer with snow pusher/bucket

3- Large salt trucks

2- Cube vans (16 Feet) side walk crew (snow blowers)

2- Large inclosed trailers (summer maintenance)

1 -Large salt building (holds 500 tons of salt)

5- Large loaders (snow plowing/ snow removal and loading salt) 

2007 Peterbilt Truck2002 John Deer Skid Steer2011 Dodge Truck2004 Ford F-550 - Salt / Dump / Plow Truck
2007 Peterbilt Dump / Salt Truck2002 Ford F-450 Cube Van / Side Walk Crew2007 Terex Loader & Salt Bin Holds 500 TonsSnow Plowing Equipment
Snow Plowing EquipmentSnow Plowing Equipment2006 Chevy Truck 4 x 4 - Plow1998 Volvo Loader

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